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British Parliament called for the exclusion of Russia and China from all defense supplies

British ParliamentLondon, Feb.17.– Russia and China should not participate in or invest in any supply chain for the British defense sector, The Independent reported on Sunday, citing the House Defense Committee of the British Parliament.

"Investment in defense supply channels by all countries, including Russia and China, which are not on the approved list, should be banned," the newspaper quoted Committee Chairman Richard Drax as saying.

"We cannot afford the principle of non-interference of the state in the economy regarding our security and our sovereignty," he explained.

Meanwhile, according to the committee's report, foreign investment is widely practiced in the UK defense sector. In light of this, the committee called on the Ministry of Defense to publish a list of "friendly" countries whose investments are acceptable and desirable, and countries outside this list, including China and Russia, should be banned from investing.

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