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We must act with all means available in defense of human rights 20 Sep 2019 21:55 #11129

  • Gerardo E. Martínez-Solanas
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Human rights are being violated at this very moment in virtually all parts of the world, particularly in many countries where such violations are guaranteed by laws that allow or even encourage them for the purpose of consolidating and perpetuating dictatorial governments.
Elsewhere there are laws condemning these violations and punishing them, allowing victims a legal defense that allows them to get rid of abuse. However, even where a rule of law appears to prevail, national security arguments are made to apply cruel methods that do not correspond to any civilized country or to any decent and fair society.

That is the sad truth we are facing today in this World, but remember that important changes in the planet often hinge on the actions of ordinary people. This is our World, and we are responsible! We have a human duty to provide all our material, intellectual and moral support to the many international and national institutions, both public and private, that confront and fight these abuses hard and efficiently through legal and other means.

Regrettably, some abused people and prisoners of conscience don't make it. Some die from torture or other ill treatment. Others literally rot in dungeons for years and even decades without anyone remembering them.

Those responsible for these crimes must not have anywhere to hide! They are dangerous enemies of humanity and must be persecuted and punished by any means available to the international community and to those countries still retaining a democratic system that respects the rule of law.

Many of those of us who here write or read these messages are privileged people who have not experienced the kinds of atrocities described by human rights institutions and organizations. Nevertheless, for millions upon millions of people around the world ... life is far different, especially if you are a person who exercises the voice of your conscience to oppose an oppressive government or stand up for your beliefs.

I am sure that most readers and contributors in these WEB pages have a strong sense of right and wrong. And even though an injustice thousands of miles away from our home does not affect us physically, it does make us feel angry and frustrated.

But just feeling angry and frustrated is not enough. Defense of human rights can succeed if the proper efforts are made. This is an international problem that requires international intervention. We cannot settle for defending only our own, forgetting the tragedies that crush the freedom and dignity of others. We are all citizens of the same suffering world! We must act with all means available to us. We are responsible!

[ Visit our human rights pages and contribute with your views and opinions ]

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