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TEMA: Support for Dreamers

Support for Dreamers 25 Ene 2017 19:58 #9757

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January 15, 2017

To the people of the United States:

In the coming new political period starting in January 2017, if there were anything that could show the sense of fairness of the American people it would be for us to protect from deportation all those undocumented children who came to this country involuntarily when they were small, and who have grown up going to school or working and paying taxes, while respecting the laws and norms of this great nation, the United States of America.

Let us not forget that the strength of this country lies in the migratory movements that throughout different time periods have morally and materially enriched it.

The new Donald Trump Administration of the president-elect and the current Congress of the United States need to carefully review the current program, which has benefited more than 750 thousands undocumented people who were 31 years of age or younger in the month of June 2012, making them eligible for the Differed Action for Childhood Arrivals program, commonly known as DACA.

These youth have demonstrated their love for the U.S.; they have started decent families or are laboring in their studies, becoming exemplary citizens deserving that we receive them with open arms and hearts, considering them to be legitimate brothers and children of this great nation.

Nobody is opposing the expulsion from these lands, blessed by the Creator, of any “undocumented” person with a criminal record or affiliated with criminal or terrorist organizations.

But the DREAMERS, who have become a striving generation, having arrived in the United States before reaching the age of 16 as children or teenagers —thus devoid of any civil responsibility— should be given the opportunity to live and work legally in the U.S. This also applies to the adults or parents of these DREAMERS, most of whom are called “undocumented” who have shown to be decent and working families.

In the meanwhile it is proper for us to join our voices with those of the Catholic Bishops of the U.S. in showing our support for these youth and adults, providing them with individualized legal advice, psychological aid or any other service, such as “sanctuary,” to protect them at this time of great uncertainty and fear.

We do not harbor any fear at publicly stating our position, or in telling all decent and hard-working immigrants and refugees that: “WE ARE WITH YOU”.

To U.S. leaders of all political persuasions, we tell you that these youngsters and adults should be treated with generosity and care, and that the DACA program should be respected and immediately enhanced.

Published in Miami, January 15, 2017

Social Awareness and Transformation
12190 S.W. 56 ST. Miami, Fl. 33175
305.596.0001 ext. 211
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Signed by the Executive Committee: Antonio Abella, Armando Acevedo, Margarita Gavaldá Romagosa, Lily H. de León, Alberto Muller, Silvia Muñoz, Maria Pérez de González, Joaquín Pérez Rodríguez, Alfredo Romagosa, Juan Manuel Salvat, Emilio Travieso S.J.

Advisers: Siro del Castillo, José R. Cruz, PhD, , Marcelino García, S.J., Dr. Antonio García-Crews, Elena Muller García, María Luisa Gastón, Manuel J. Hidalgo, Sr., Mariano Loret de Mola, Joaquín Martínez de Pinillos, Ricardo Puerta, Ph.D., Eduardo Salvadó, Antonio Sowers, Pedro Suárez, S.J.

Members: Clara Baloyra, Samuel E. Díaz, Iraida Pérez, Teresita Valdés-Hurtado

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