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TEMA: Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump

Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 28 Ago 2019 00:35 #11097

I have. It's been around for less than a decade, and it's financed by Paul Singer, a right wing activist billionaire (a la Koch bros.) who manages a hedge fund, as I am sure you've read too. Right on top of that entry in the Google search you find this one, which makes my assessment (judgment, if you prefer) superfluous:

In 2014 they reported as current news an old FBI investigation into Cuban Intelligence efforts to recruit American Academics, which was picked up by Diario Las Americas in Miami. I'm not an investigative journalist by any means, but since the piece appeared with the emblem (coat of arms?) of the FBI, I visited the FBI website to read the full "new report" on Cuban spying. I couldn't find it. I wrote an email to the Diario Las Americas journalist who wrote the piece for our weekly / daily newspaper (it was still a daily back then) asking for his source, and he indicated that he had picked it up from your well known digital newsletter. Till then I had never heard of it, but since then I know how much it's worth.

If your standard for credibility is that what they quote Guo as saying has not been challenged by any other media, that's another reason why you can spare me your findings. I thought we were in agreement that Guo was going to say whatever helps him stay in the USA (or whatever serves the interests of those who want to veer our tremendous president against China, who, not surprisingly, are pretty much the same guys who were against Obama's opening towards Cuba).
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 23:32 #11096

In this particular instance, it does not matter how good or bad is the reputation of the Washington Free Beacon. What matters is what Guo declared. These are quotations that have not been challenged from any other media. On the contrary, they have been repeated. In any case, this is just a minor part of my investigative journalistic piece. On the other hand, I do not know in deep the editorial reputation of the Washington Free Beacon because I had never visited its WEB pages before. Have you visited them often? As far as I know it is an American conservative political website where they argue in their "About Us" pages that it is "dedicated to uncovering the stories that the powers that be hope will never see the light of day" and producing "in-depth investigative reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, and media." However, I am not interested in judging them. That would be a waste of time. Let the facts talk by themselves.
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 22:50 #11095

LOL! No, my dear Gerardo, I am not confusing my Guos.

It’s true that the paragraph I borrowed from the link I provided and transcribed in my comment begins by making reference to a meeting between Guo the Minister and Sessions, our unforgettable Attorney General. But if you read the full article I linked for you (which dates from October 2017) you’ll notice the article is about Guo the “dissident billionaire”, the one you credit for disclosing China’s plans to subvert the 2020 elections so as to oust our tremendous president. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia has similar plans since, after all, the damage, to the United States, has already been done, as was shown yet again over this past weekend in Biarritz.

The problem with Guo the “dissident billionaire” as a source is precisely what you point out: he may have lived in the entrails of the monster, but under his present circumstances what he knows very well is what he NEEDS to talk about (and do) if he wants to stay on our side of “the walls” and shed Interpol’s pursuit, as more than one friend of ours have been able to accomplish. And it seems to be working:

I can see how Guo the asylum seeker could be a valuable asset for our intelligence services (ni que hablar de Guo el Ministro, si se le diera por desertar), and if you think you have the tools to “filter” what’s valuable from his “intelligence information”, by all means, go for it! But if your filter is that well known (for its “tremendous bias”) digital newsletter called The Washington Free Beacon, spare me your findings, please!
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 21:40 #11094

You are confusing two different persons because of the name. Guo is a very common surname in China. Guo Wengui is the billionaire requesting asylum in the US. On the other hand, Guo Shengkun is China's Minister of Public Security, who was involved in a controversy with the State Department because of Chinese cyber security breachs gathering US industrial and military secrets. Regarding the exiled Guo Wengui, China has been pressing the US government since 2016 for the extradition of Chinese "fugitives" and they are involving the INTERPOL in the campaign. No wonder Guo Wengui is looking to put himself under the shadow of influential people in America, whether Bannon or Trump (¡poderoso caballero es Don Dinero!).

Personally, I'm just not that sympathetic for this billionaire or what he represents; I just take advantage of the first-hand information he is providing, surely to facilitate his asylum application in the United States. However, he was born, raised and made a huge fortune in the entrails of the monster and knows very well what he is talking about. Indeed, someone like him is not to be trusted; someone who has made such a fortune in a country controlled by a fascist mafia so-called "communist", where such privileged "capitalists" make fortunes based on exploitation and abuse. Therefore, it's not about trusting him; it's about filtering out what's valuable from his intelligence information.

As for the other given name, Miles Kwok, in the link you provide at the foot of your previous post, the only source available with such information is the New York Times and it does not inform where from they found that name. Is the New York Times a trustworthy source when it drops such a name without further reference? Well, of course! They took it from an obscure documentary concocted by a Chinese Communist broadcaster, where that name is mentioned – ¡ah! but no record again of where they take it from. The objective is to add to his negative profile implying that he uses various identities on his muddy dealings ... but, is this Chinese Communist broadcaster a trustworthy source?
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 19:12 #11093

No se si esto corrobora tu "escenario en general", pero me parece que al menos completa el panorama de quien es don Guo y cual es su relación con nuestro tremendo presidente y con la colección de sabios que lo asesoran:

"... The Journal reported on October 6 that Attorney General Jeff Sessions discussed the Hudson hack with China’s Public Security Minister, Guo Shengkun, during a high-level meeting on October 4 for the U.S.-China Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue. A Justice Department spokesperson said China had “pledged to cooperate” on the matter. However, the Justice Department’s readout of the dialogue made no mention of the hack. It did include a joint pledge for both countries to identify fugitives and make plans to discuss their extradition.

The next day, Reuters reported that China denied responsibility for both attacks. The Ministry of Public Security said it had “no evidence” of involvement from any element in the Chinese government. In a statement, it said that the information came from a “non-traditional mainstream media outlet” and questioned the credibility of the reporting. It further called the information that Guo presented in a press conference on October 5 about Chinese efforts to send spies to the U.S. “utterly clumsily forged and full of obvious mistakes.”

Finally, in a strange twist on October 11, Guo tweeted a picture of himself with Steve Bannon at his apartment. He said that Bannon had met him at the October 5 press conference and that Bannon then had a three-hour dinner with him on October 10.

These stories lead to more questions than answers. Did China put pressure on VOA to cut short its broadcast? What caused the cancellation of the Hudson event? How are internal divisions within the Trump administration over China policy influencing its handling of Guo’s case? And what prompted Attorney General Sessions to raise the issue with his Chinese counterpart—-then omit it from the record of the conversation?

More reporting could help clarify the ongoing effects of Chinese pressure on the institutions that are handling Guo’s asylum claim. And the latest reports would seem to indicate that President Trump himself might know the answers."

Lo que acabo de transcribir no lo escribí yo; es un fragmento que tomé gosso modo de este articulo de hace un par de años:
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 18:06 #11092

Los datos los he tomado de varias fuentes, buscando coincidencias que corroboren el escenario en general, unos pocos de ellos grosso modo del libro "Secret Empires", de Peter Schweitzer.
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 27 Ago 2019 17:28 #11091

Muy interesante, amigo Gerardo! Pero no entiendo si lo escribiste tu o lo reproduces de otra fuente...

No se si lo sabes, pero don Guo, también conocido como Miles Kwok, es miembro del Mar-a-Lago Resort, que pertenece a nuestro tremendo presidente... Por supuesto, eso no quiere decir que ni tan siquiera se conozcan... O pudiera ser que se conocieron alguna vez, pero hace muchos años que no se hablan...
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Dissident billionaire makes explosive revelations about China’s strategy vs Trump 26 Ago 2019 23:00 #11090

Prominent US political personalities play the game for China to protect their shady deals and investments with the Asian giant.

After many years maintaining a very disadvantageous trade policy with China, one that caused the US an overwhelming trillion-dollar trade deficit, the American giant has reacted by giving China a taste of their own medicine. China’s fake "free trade" agreements with the US were conducted heavily in their favor by manipulating its currency, heavily subsidizing its products and keeping production costs extremely low through subsistence wages. Furthermore, China's technology theft, estimated by the White House to be as much as $600 billion annually, along with other practices and behaviors by China have emerged as a key issue in their policy differences.

This has sparked a trade war that China will lose because it cannot sustain its economy if it loses a substantial portion of the North American market. Indeed, it is already feeling its first damaging effects. Although the United States will also suffer initially with this confrontation, it has the ability to restructure its foreign trade and recover many capital investments that previously fled to China, thus generating new sources of work by reinvesting in the US.

The logical and beneficial option for both sides would be for China to agree on true "free trade" treaties whereby both sides would enjoy equal terms. Instead, the Chinese government is opting for confrontation in the hope that it can deal with another president after the 2020 elections; one who’ll be willing to allow the previous trading conditions between the two nations to remain in place. But, why would that be possible? Because of the many shady interests in China involving prominent US political figures who will eventually act in its favor.

Therefore, the US is facing a new Beijing’s four-pronged influence strategy aimed to prevent Trump’s reelection. In order to achieve that goal, China is conducting an aggressive disinformation and influence campaign, according to Guo Wengui, a dissident Chinese billionaire who until recently was close to senior Beijing leaders before his present exile. He revealed first hand information gathered directly and in private from Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan in Beijing, who gave him details about this influence operation.

According to Guo, who has known current Chinese President Xi Jinping for more than 10 years, the anti-Trump influence operation is being directed by Xi and Wang through the Communist Party of China (CCP) National Security Commission. This operation has been underway since the 2018 mid-term election and involves enlisting pro-China elements inside the United States to end the Trump administration after four years.

"China has been protesting western powers trying to interfere in the domestic politics of China but in fact China is not only trying to interfere in the domestic politics of the United States, they are interfering publicly with U.S. elections," Guo told the Washington Free Beacon, a well-known digital newsletter. "For the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the security committee has given very clear instructions that it is not permissible for Trump to win the 2020 election," he added. This strategy focus, among other measures, targeting farm states in the Midwest whose farmers and politicians are sought to turn them against Trump's tougher trade policies toward Beijing.

Other means involve dispatching Chinese intelligence operatives to the United States for the influence operations and utilizing networks of pro-China agents — Americans and others who will do Beijing's bidding. Chinese Vice President Wang happens to be a close associate of former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs executive, who is viewed as one of the more supportive Wall Street influencers who favor unfettered American business engagement with China.

Another political weapon in the anti-Trump campaign are those political leaders and lobbyists in Washington who can be enlisted to oppose Trump. There are very influential political figures in these circles, including among many others, Democrats John Kerry, Joe Biden, Richard Daley, Richard Durbin, Devon Archer, and former US President Barak Obama, plus no less that Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell, to only mention a few among the most prominent who maintain juicy businesses, investments and other undercover interests in China, either directly or through other members of their families. In addition, some of them are known to maintain close financial relations with George Soros, who is known to be supporting immigration caravans from Central America.

Many other important interests oppose President Trump in favor of China. Among them is the financial giant J.P. Morgan, a multibillionaire firm who has been maintaining for some years now the practice of hiring the children of high echelon Chinese government officials.

The resulting corruption is rampant among some of these circles. Therefore, the US needs to broaden financial disclosure laws by American politicians. Transparency, really, is the best disinfectant. One of the reasons we are seeing the rise of American heirs acting under the cover of their parents is because adult children of American politicians do not have to disclose their financial transactions or assets, in spite of the fact that they use such powerful cover to their benefit and in detriment of others having less power behind them.

Unfortunately, many politicians in Washington are using their influence and power as if they were entitled to on-the-job enrichment and building family empires at the expense of the American people. There are some in the nation’s capital who want to do the right thing. Let us hope that the American voters find who they are and set out to vote for them by 2020.
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