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The Spirit Matters; Reflections on Economies and Society 25 years after the fall of Communism

Acton Institute, 2014
Edited by Kevin Schmiesing
ISBN 978-1-942503-02-6
147 pages
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This study was published by the Acton Institute as part of its Christian Social Thought Series, a publishing project that seeks to bring together economic analysis and theological reflection in treating issues vital to the ethical task of living in the contemporary World.

Five excellent scholars reflect on the lessons of the Communist experiment and its failure in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. They emphasize the wisdom of the Christian Social Doctrine*, including such mateers as the spiritual character of the human person, the indispensability of social society, and the ethical dimension of economic activity.

Though new generations are taking charge of the World's future since the fall of Communism in Europe, the questions raised by Marx and Engels and their intellectual heirs remain pertinent. Are economic forces the decisive factor in human affairs? What are the real sources of happiness, fulfillment, and prosperity? Do non-governmental institutions have an indispensable role to play in the achievement of these goals? How should we deal with inequality?

These are the questions that these five experts are trying to answer here. They engage in a short but very deep analysis of the theory and experience of Communism for lessons that are and will continue to be essential to every effor to create the conditions necessary for human flourishing. 

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