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MONGOLIA: Widow of assassinated democratic revolutionary arrested

Ulaanbaatar, Nov.18.─ The police arrested widow of the late politician and democratic revolutionary S.Zorig, D.Bulgan, on November 13 for reasons that have not been made public. D. BulganD. Bulgan

D.Bulgan was arrested in her home on the night of November 13, according to a report by the police. After 72 hours in police custody, law enforcement authorities extended her detention by two weeks. The police said they are interrogating her while she is detained, but declined to elaborate on why she was arrested, as they stated that the investigation is ongoing.

According to unofficial sources, D.Bulgan is being investigated for concealing information about S.Zorig’s murder and giving false statements about her husband’s death in court 17 years ago. Unofficial sources claim that two 40-year-old men were arrested in Erdenet about one month ago in connection to the death of S.Zorig.

Earlier, Swiss parliamentarian and member of the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s Committee on the Human Rights of Parliamentarians, Margret Kiener Nellen, during a four-day mission to Mongolia in September 2015, called for the Mongolian authorities to redouble their efforts to resolve what is widely believed to have been a political assassination ...

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