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Cuban repressors are slowly killing Jose Daniel Ferrer

The leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba [Unión Patriótica de Cuba (UNPACU)] is being subjected to constant tortures since he was unlawfully arrested and detained without charges for the last 37 days.

On the morning of November 7, 2019, the wife of José Daniel Ferrer, Nelva Ismarays Ortega Tamayo, and three minor children of José Daniel Ferrer García, leader of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), were able to confirm that the Human Rights activist is being slowly murdered under constant tortures.

They met him in an office and in the presence of an officer, in the Aguadores prison in José Daniel Ferrer cuando era arrestado y conducido con violencia a la cárcel.Santiago de Cuba, for 5 minutes, barely enough for him to narrate very quickly a partial account of what has happened and is happening to him. The visit ended when José Daniel tore the prison uniform that had been forcibly put on him, at which point the family could appreciate the signs of torture throughout his body.


Nelva Ismarays Ortega Tamayo, a specialist in Integral General Medicine in Cuba, with registration number 186670, and wife of José Daniel Ferrer, has made the following medical diagnosis of his condition through a brief superficial exam, corroborated by all witnesses present, sons and daughters of the victim:

• He has lost more than half of his body weight.
• He is hunched over and could barely hug them because he has almost no muscular strength.
• He has also largely lost his vision and voice.
• He looks like a very sick old man.
• He has his face partially striped, bruises in the thoracic, abdominal, upper, lower and back extremities.
• On his back there are traces of friction burns and marks of strokes with sticks.

Since they were supplying dirty and fetid waters for drinking, and spoiled food he is suffering from acute gastrointestinal disease, further affecting his untreated gastritis and ulcer. José Daniel told his family that he went on a hunger strike -part of the time also a thirst strike- in protest for the conditions and tortures of his detention.

He was transferred to Aguadores prison on October 9 and taken to a punishment cell. In that prison they gave him a brutal beating and dressed him as a common prisoner by force, something that represents a transgression and humiliation for a prisoner of conscience. He tore the uniform off in protest. On 8 occasions they have forced him to wear common prisoner's clothes and on 8 occasions he has refused to wear them, despite being forced by force and blows to dress him that way, finally keeping him half-naked for a good part of the 30 days he has remained in that prison.

No human rights international body has reacted in defense of José Daniel and, to top it all off, the monarchs of Spain plan a visit to Cuba these days, turning their backs on the violence and cruelty of the Cuban regime. José Daniel is the last one in a very long list of human rights violations perpetrated by the Cuban government.